About Us

Who we are?

This endeavor is the result of nearly a decade of knowledge in fields varying from child psychology and family counseling, to business administration and motivational speaking. A lot of our work is rooted in Adlerian foundations as well as based on the work of Maria Montessori.

Parenting Formula is exactly what the name entails. It is a formula carefully created from expertise in a number of fields, years of counseling, and mastering the art of Positive Discipline. It is specifically designed to suit the Egyptian home and make it a happier, healthier one.

Since 2015, Parenting Formula has offered a range of specialized workshops suited to various needs. These workshops are designed specifically with different groups in mind; employed parents, stay-at-home mothers, working fathers, educators, or even trainers. All with the same end goal: to better our children.

Our methodology is what sets us apart in Egypt. Our workshops provide an excellent summation of the theoretical learning we’ve obtained; as well as vital practical, hands-on, experience. We also believe in a continued relationship, where we’ll always be there for post-training support.

In fact, one of our goals is to form a sense of community. This is why you’ll find that our workshops aren’t stiff and rigid, you’ll always have the space to speak your mind and find the support you need.
We aim to leave our mark. So whether it’s even through social media or the press, we’re always pushing for better parenting.

Our Story

Our founder recalls having her first child nearly a decade ago. Mariam Medhat was ecstatic; her little angel was a vision of perfection. And why not, after all she was a perfectionist herself. Mariam read every parenting book she could get her hands on. The Mother of the Year award was in the bag! Or so she thought. After the first blissful year, her now ex-angel learned the unspeakable: he learned the word NO! And so the flip-flop came out. “I remember feeling lost and helpless. I remember thinking that I finally understand why so many Egyptian mothers lose it and forget their modern parenting ways. I always knew that this wasn’t the kind of mother I wanted to be” says Mariam. “I decided it’s time for action, no book was going to give me real-life experience like counseling”. Counseling taught her that by changing her own actions, she was going to get different reactions. By working on herself, she was able to affect behavioral change in both her kids. And despite now having two children in the “naughty age”, there was a very tangible positive change in her house.

Counseling, she says, transformed her life! She was a believer. “I soon realized how many other young parents in Egypt went through my experience. As new parents, we always want to do a better job raising our children than our own parents did. I had found my new passion in life”. About dedicating her life to family counseling Mariam had this to say: “I’ve come to know that how we are brought up directly affects how kind of adults we become. The kind of parenting we receive affects who we are.”

What is parent coaching?

Parenting being one of, if not, The hardest job ever, parents are feeling overwhelmed from the huge responsibility with little know how. They always feel guilty and question their parenting styles hoping to groom their little ones into the thriving, well rounded adults they wish for. With a huge pressure and little support, the need for parent coaching emerged.

Through our endeavor we have come to learn that as Egyptians, we’re inclined to get knowledge in every field through courses and learning experience. Ironically except with parenting; which shape our future and the future of next generations of Egyptians. With the growing awareness among parents that old tricks and ways no longer work with the current generations, coaching comes in as a rescuer. Through parent-centered sessions along with education, we as coaches can help parents bridge the gap between where they are and where they wish to be. by rippling through parents, teachers and other adults who work with children, our goal of a healthy and happy generation is not difficult to attain. In this, we highly BELIEVE!

Mariam’s Bio

Mariam Medhat has dedicated her life to improving other parents’ and families’ lives. With a master’s degree in business administration, she moved on to study family counseling at Southwest Collage in the US and holds both a bachelor and master’s degree from there.

She is also a certified Parent and Teacher Educator from Positive Discipline in the US. Mariam is counselor, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, and also happens to be a certified life coach. The culmination of these experiences is Parenting Formula, which has been actively reaching out to and training parents, schools, orphanages, teachers, as well as counselors in Egypt since 2015.


We believe that by equipping adults who affect children with the right tools to become enlightened and self-aware, we can achieve building a society of empowered, psychologically-sound individuals. A society where the adults of tomorrow feel in control of their present and invested in their future.


Our mission is to empower. Empower parents to better develop their own parenting formulae best suited to their families and ideals. Empower educators and parents alike to tune-in to their abilities and overcome seemingly unsurpassable challenges. We want conscious parenting to spread and be cemented in our society. We want to show adults the importance of self-actualization in the formation of healthy and happy families and children.