Hi there, thank you for your interest in Parenting Formula

I’ve come to learn that as Egyptians, we’re inclined to get our knowledge in every field from courses and learning experiences. Ironically, except when it comes to marriage and parenting issues. These two parts of our lives shape our future and the future of the next generation of Egyptians. When dealing with children, we must remember that we’re molding a human being. In every interacting, no matter how small. We impact their personalities and form them into adults. We must lead by example.

It’s become my goal to bring up a generation of healthy, happy people. By rippling through parents, teachers, and other adults who work with children, this goal isn’t difficult to attain. I never claim to be the “perfect mother’ and I can never say I have all the answers. But what I do know is that if I don’t work on myself and improve my own behavior, no amount of knowledge will help. So I’ll just keep pushing to do my best. I’ll practice what I preach. And I’ll encourage others around me to join me on this journey to bring out the potential in our kids, helping them live life to the fullest. Ever optimistically,

Mariam Medhat

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