Formula 101 is a parenting workshop for parents, teachers and child care givers.

It discusses:

*Punishment, Rewards and Discipline.

*Child psychological needs at each age and how to satisfy them?

*How to encourage my child?

*How does their brain operate in anger?

*What if mom and dad disagree in-front of children?

*How to empower my children, and make them self driven?

*Should I be kind or firm?

*What is the belief behind the behavior?

*Time outs and how effective they are?

*How to teach my child express his feelings?

*What is labelling and how does it affect my child?

*Breaking my childs code and understanding his/her real problem.

*Family meetings and Routine charts.

*How to focus on her/his strength?


Our workshop is a fun environment to learn through role plays, videos and fun games. The support circle we create as mothers who are keen to learn and connect becomes an essential addition to all the parents who happen to attend our workshops. We are sure that through learning you will FEEL better about yourself and about your Parenting and thus DO better!

Workshops are tailored according to the organizations need. Individual workshops usually run 4 days, 4 hours a day.

Yes, to ensure the best utilization from our workshop, we advice you attend all sessions.

We offer both weekdays & weekends workshops to cater for both working & stay at home parents.

Parents, teachers and child-care givers.

*Teachers training. (Positive discipline in classroom)

*Corporate training.

*Parent Coaching (one to one sessions)

*One day sessions (covering several topics related to children and parent wellness)

We currently train parents of children ages 0 to 10.

Our workshops are offered for parents, teachers, and child care givers. Few of the sessions though are tailored that kids would attend to help build a bonding relation with parents, as well as be encouraged to work on some art therapy.

Yes, of course. The earlier you attend the workshop the more mistakes you avoid and the more aware you are on ways to handle your new-born.